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Webinar: How a Buyer-Driven Website Accelerates Revenue and Sales

Too often corporate websites are information billboard that do not accelerate the buying process or engage the buyer.  In this webinar, we want to introduce you to the frictionless buying process that will significantly accelerate sales engagement and reduces your sales cycle. A CEB Study found that 57% of the sales process is already completed before the buyer engages a sales person from the company. Your website and how you engage your buyer is more important now than ever!

At On Demand Advisors we created the innovative Buyer-Driven website program that accelerates the buying process. We will walk you through several examples of B2B companies that have transformed their business and accelerated their sales and revenue growth using this breakthrough approach. We will also cover these topics:

1. How to Model the Buyer’s Journey

2. How to Enable Buyer Self-Selection and Identification

3. How to Implement this Frictionless Buying Process on your website – whether they can buy or not buy on your site and regardless of whether you sell direct or through channel partners.