Channel Partner Management (CPM)

The truth about partner programs: they need to be managed

If you’re looking to expand your market, or reach new ones, one not-so-secret method is a channel partner program. But the “secret” behind these program is they are not “set it and forget it.” Managing a network of partnerships can feel like herding cats, and it requires knowledge, time, and expertise to determine which partners are worth the investment.

On Demand Advisors offers a way for businesses to manage this workload through our Channel Partner Management (CPM) program. We survey and research potential partners in order to give you a Partner Scorecard that ranks potential partners and enables you to get the most out of your partner program.

Forge strategic alliances

We engage and survey your partner community so that you can create the optimal offerings, messaging and offers. You will attract and retain the right partners and empower them to sell on your behalf.

Identify and recruit the right partners

Rank and score every potential partner against your ideal partner profile. This approach helps you ensure that you proactively recruit the “best fit” partners for your business.

Continuous improvement for increased growth

Our quarterly review process will help you assess your progress and determine the right approach and incentives to improve results. The CPM is designed to always ensure your revenue strategy is on target.

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