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Who We Are

On Demand Advisors is a Revenue Growth Agency for Business to Business Companies. We partner with Chief Executives and Business Owners to grow your revenue so that it is predictable, consistent and capital efficient. We support you in four ways.

  • Revenue Growth Best Practices – we have created and perfected an integrated set of revenue growth best practices that we have implemented with hundreds of B2B companies.

  • Revenue Growth Innovations – we have created innovative ways to accelerate sales and revenue growth for your company including a Sales-Driven Website or Demand Generation Engine.

  • Revenue Growth Resources – when you have your plan you need to execute the plan. We have staffed four teams to help execute the plan in the areas of Strategy, Marketing, Sales Enablement, and Business Development.  These variable cost resources compliment and extend your team internally.

  • Revenue Growth Success – leveraging our unparalleled experience, we help you assess where you are today and how you get to where you want to be tomorrow. We then help you implement your plan and achieve your strategic and revenue growth goals.

Meet the Founders

On Demand Advisors was founded in 2008 by Robert Jurkowski and Craig Remy. Robert has led successful Silicon Valley technology and services companies as Chief Executive Officer. Craig has led successful Silicon Valley technology and services companies as Chief Marketing Officer. Together, they built Intacct – a financial applications cloud company into the market leader – which was acquired by The Sage Group of $850 million and nine times revenue. While at Intacct, they created the foundation for predictable, consistent, and capital-efficient revenue growth – the Revenue Acceleration Map that now has been proven with hundreds of B2B companies to create and sustain significant revenue growth.


Robert Jurkowski
Robert JurkowskiManaging Partner
Robert Jurkowski is a Founding Partner of On Demand Advisors. Prior to starting On Demand Advisors, Robert served as the CEO for public and private Silicon Valley based companies. Robert has built and scaled 10 software, cloud and technology companies as an operating “hands on” leader at every stage of revenue growth from “start up” to public companies. He brings deep strategic insight and serial revenue growth best practices. As Managing Partner at On Demand Advisors he has advised hundreds of B2B, software and cloud CEOs and CSOs on how to grow revenue so that it is predictable, consistent and capital efficient.
Craig Remy
Craig RemyManaging Partner
Craig Remy is a Founding Partner of On Demand Advisors. Prior to starting On Demand Advisors, Craig served as the CMO of both private and public software firms. He has direct experience with both Cloud and On-Premise software while solving marketing challenges for companies ranging from Microsoft to small Silicon Valley start-ups. His deep analytical approach to marketing is buttressed by his strong strategic branding experience. As a Managing Partner at On Demand Advisors he has advised hundreds of B2B, software and cloud CEOs and CMOs on the rigors and best practices of marketing.

Team Associates

On Demand Advisors recognizes that every customer will have different requirements to achieve their revenue growth objectives. We also realized that a plan without execution connected to achievement was worthless. We, therefore,  created and staffed four practice areas at On Demand Advisors: marketing, sales, business development, and strategy.  Our team of over 50 professionals deliver the day-to-day programs and results that are required by our clients. Our goal is to augment and staff any area where you have gaps, mentor your team members with best practices for revenue growth, and collaborate with and provide mentorship.


“On Demand Advisors helped us create and scale our Demand Generation Engine so that we can continue to accelerate sales and revenue growth by 67% or more per year. They helped me extend my capabilities and engage our brands and client using innovative approaches.”

Ray White, Chief Marketing Office, ICUC

“On Demand Advisors interrogated our entire marketing-to-sales processes to reduce our cost of acquisition (CAC). One critical dimension was the Sales Acceleration Assessment. In a matter of months, we were able to implement a consistent and scalable sales best practices methodology that improved accountability and results.”

Tom Spencer, VP Sales and Marketing, AvidXchange

“Their Revenue Acceleration Map helped us create and execute a strategy to produce results. They uncovered compelling insights into our buyers, built a scalable demand generation engine and enabled our sales organization to close business. Their principals have built successful companies as operating executives and brought that experience to many similar companies.”

Christian Ofori-Boateng, CEO, Christian-Steven Software

“Our executive team tremendously benefited from the Revenue Acceleration Workshop offered by On Demand Advisors. It produced a high ROI for our company in a very short span of time.”

Fayez Fatehi, CEO, Corent Technology

“On Demand Advisors’ immediate impact on our bottom line is amazing. The marketing leadership and best practices program demonstrated their marketing executives’ professionalism. Their total commitment to our success was a big catalyst in helping to grow our business. Our message is more focused and our execution is producing tangible sales results.”

Mike Praeger, CEO, AvidXchange

Not Just Another Agency

We are here to help businesses achieve outcomes—not add extraneous processes to your marketing funnel. We do this by helping you develop a strategy to produce predictable and scalable growth. We also provide the expertise and resources to execute so you can grow revenue without relying solely on your talent pool.

The Other Guys

On Demand Advisors


 Delivering marketing stuff

 Focus on the 1st funnel

 Programs dependent on your current status and resources

 Build websites around new visitors/unique pageviews

 Schism between sales and marketing objectives

Marketing, sales, business development, and strategy

Delivering initiatives tied to revenue

Measures and scores revenue-qualified movement through three distinct funnels

Systematized, future-thinking programs that don’t rely on your talent pool

Build websites around the Buyer’s Journey

Integration between sales and marketing objectives

Market qualified leads, sales qualified leads, closed transactions


At On Demand Advisors we have assisted hundreds of companies with their strategy, marketing, and sales. Here is just a small sample of the many amazing companies we have helped over the years achieve their goals.


What is a “Sales Acceleration Website”?2020-05-27T15:48:08+00:00

Regardless of how someone hears about your company, their first destination is your website. In fact, 92% of B2B sales start on the internet. When someone visits your site, what action do you want them to take? What do they want from you? What first impressions do you make? Most company websites are electronic brochures that do not guide the visitor but provide content about the company and its products and services – from a seller’s perspective. 

The Buyer’s Journey begins with understanding how your buyers want to buy and the buying process. What information do they need to make a decision, and what sequence of events would lead from initial interest to purchase? Once this is understood, the next step is to convert your website into a self-service asset. When buyers complete the purchase on your website or a self-discovery site, you collapse the sales process and match qualified and educated buyers with your sales team. 

How do we engage with On Demand Advisors?2020-05-27T15:48:02+00:00

That starts with a simple conversation to understand what your challenges are today. Drop us an email at rjurkowski@ondemandadvisors.com, and let’s talk.

How do we reduce the length of our sales cycle?2020-05-27T15:48:14+00:00

First, you need a significant number of leads so that your sales team works with qualified leads. You need to create a demand generation engine and apply the revenue engineering methodology that we discussed earlier in this series. Today, you have a conversion rate of market qualified leads to sales opportunities, and a conversion rate of sales opportunities to close.  These conversion rates dictate a specific number and type of leads that you need to make your numbers every quarter.  The first step is to understand your conversion rates today, and the second step is to improve your conversation rates through better lead qualification or selecting better prospects that fit your “sweet spot.”

Second, if the “grey-haired lead” is in the marketing funnel, you need to determine how to convert market qualified leads (MQL) into sales qualified leads (SQL). We call this marketing or nurturing with a purpose. Your marketing and demand generation programs should be focused to help acquire leads, and graduate them into sales opportunities, or close them as sales. Many companies use demand generation programs to generate leads or prospects, but they do not have processes to graduate them into sales opportunities or closed deals.

Should my marketing spend be accountable and tracable to sales?2020-05-27T15:48:20+00:00

Yes. It is not unusual to hear a CEO lament the fact that the Marketing department has spent $1 million on “marketing stuff.”  Often it is difficult to determine which marketing programs are creating sales outcomes and which programs are underperforming – at what cost and tradeoffs?  We believe that there is one customer acquisition process that cuts across the Marketing, Sales, and Business Development functions in all companies.

How do you achieve this type of visibility at your company?  The first step is to map the buying process from customer awareness through lead qualification through the sales process. The second step is to implement the right end-to-end infrastructure from marketing automation to CRM. The final step is to create a set of key metrics dashboards so that you have visibility to the entire process and can quickly interrogate and understand the results.

How do we generate the volume or quantity of leads that we need?2020-05-27T15:48:29+00:00

Many companies rely on a few demand generation programs to generate their quantity of market qualified leads. These programs may include referrals, word of mouth, search marketing, periodic email campaigns participating in industry trade shows. When the recession began in 2008, many companies experienced a precipitous drop in demand. They did not have a plan or set of additional demand generation programs to replace lost demand or reach new audiences.

Our experience and research have taught us that most companies will require a mix of 5-10 demand generation programs to generate the consistent volume of market qualified leads needed to scale revenue. The key here is to choose the right set of programs appropriate for your target audience with valuable content for your buyer and frequent multi-touch cadence. A multi-touch cadence magnifies your brand presence and reinforces your key messages.

What do we do if our messages and offers are not resonating with our target audience?2020-05-27T15:48:33+00:00

If you are deploying frequent demand generation campaigns, but your campaigns are not converting into interested prospects or your offers are not resonating with your target audience, your challenge may be your message. It may be the right time to conduct a detailed and rigorous survey of your target audience stakeholders. Let them rank the importance of the strategic and tactical pains that you address. Let them rank the importance of your value propositions.

Recently we conducted a market survey for one of our clients, and we asked their target audience to rank over 20 value propositions. It turned out that the two lowest-ranked value propositions were the top messages that they were using to reach and connect with their target audience before the market surveys.

What do we do if we lack a comprehensive plan to create demand for our products and services?2020-05-27T15:48:38+00:00

There is no “silver bullet” answer to generate sales qualified leads. Based on our experience with hundreds of companies, you start by implementing a comprehensive approach to ensure that you exceed your revenue goals. We present this approach, what we call “The Revenue Acceleration Map,” through an interactive executive workshop that we conduct throughout North America.


At On Demand Advisors we hire the very best people, keep them inspired, reward them for what they do and give them opportunities to grow. We are in the “thinking” business so we need our people to be entrepreneurial and creative. Contact us today and let’s talk about your next big challenge.

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