Lead Conversion Services help you efficiently convert interest into engagement. For every visitor to your website, you have an opportunity to convert them to be a prospect for your services and solutions. We provide creative options to help you create sales opportunities for your company and accelerate your sales process.

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Sales Driven Website

When anyone hears about you, the first place they visit is your website. The challenge is that most sites inform but do not convert visitors into prospects; your buyer wants to embark on the buyer’s journey, and either your website enables this frictionless process or not.

At On Demand Advisors, we create the Sales Driven Website that guides your buyer through the buying process. Your buyer will fully appreciate how you address their business challenges with your value propositions, how you deliver success, and the compelling opportunities to engage with you and your company.

Your Sales team will also appreciate your Sales Driven Website! According to the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), 57% of your sales cycle is already completed by your prospective buyer before they engage with your sales executive. Your website needs to educate, enable, convert, and accelerate the buyer’s journey whenever anyone visits. It ensures that every lead is an educated and qualified lead for your sales team.

Through our experience, we have found that a Sales Driven Website will accelerate your sales cycle by up to 33%. Most websites tell but do not sell.

Why a Sales Driven Website Matters:

  • Your Sales Driven Website will accelerate your sales cycle by up to 33%

  • Your Sales Driven Website will deliver better educated and qualified leads for your sales team

  • Your Sales Driven Website will guide every buyer through the appropriate buyer’s journey

  • Your Sales Driven Website will deliver the same rich engagement experience that mimics the in person sales meeting

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Lead Conversion

When we work with a client and implement their Demand Generation Engine, they begin to create a significant volume of market qualified leads – decision-makers that are interested in your solutions and services. The challenge that you face is that these have a very short “shelf life” – they need to be engaged and followed up within 48 hours or less.

Your Sales Executives are focused on closing the sales opportunities that they already have underway; that is how they get rewarded and recognized. From our experience, if you give this volume of market qualified sales leads to your sales team they will receive follow up when the Sales Executive has time available.

A better way is to have a dedicated team of Sales or Business Development Representatives (BDR) who focus on persistent follow up for every market-qualified lead to either help them with their discovery process or convert them into a sales qualified opportunity for your sales team. We have developed a BDR Best Practices Program to help you recruit, train, coach, and reinforce these best practices to convert market qualified leads into sales opportunities.

Why Lead Qualification Matters:

  • Lead Qualification is that important part of the conversion process between Marketing and Sales that needs to work well

  • Persistent and Consistent Follow-up is the way that leads are converted into sales opportunities
  • With Lead Scoring from your Marketing Automation system your BDRs can focus on the best prospects for your solutions and services

  • Your Sales Playbook will train your BDRs in the right approaches to engage with your prospects

  • Our training and coaching will ensure that your BDRs perform and that your lead qualification process is enforced daily

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Lead Conversion Offers

The challenge with leads is that 90% are not sales ready. This typically means that your potential buyer or champion does not meet your criteria as a qualified sales opportunity. In order to convert this interest into engagement, you need to equip your champion and lead qualification team with the education, knowledge and offers necessary to create a sales qualified opportunity.

According to a recent DemandGen report “95% of buyers chose a solution provider that provided them with ample content to help navigate through each stage of the buying process.” 

Types of Lead Conversion Offers:

This 2-3 minute introductory explainer video is created with the CEO or Business Owner to explain what you do, the services and solutions that you provide, and the compelling ROI and benefits that your customers will receive when they engage with you and your company. You also can quickly present several significant customers that your audience will quickly identify with. The potent short video can be on your home page and sent to executives and decision-makers.

The Buyers Guide helps your champion determine how to buy your solution or service. It provides the most important criteria that should be considered for this type of solution and prescribes an evaluation process that will make sense to the champion that they have performed the necessary due diligence to make a buy decision. Without a Buyer’s Guide, many potential champions will not have a roadmap to evaluate and choose their best option.

When you provide a Diagnostic Assessment you provide your champion with the areas that will receive the greatest benefit or value with your solution or service. This discovery process will be necessary for both your champion and your sales team to build a business case for your solution or service. Other versions of this Assessment include a Risk or Compliance Assessment, a Competitive Benchmark to present the competitive state, and a Best Practices Benchmark to identify potential gaps.

Most organizations need to present a business case and cost justification to make an investment or purchase. This guide provides your champion with the ROI model and specific areas to cost-justify the purchase of your service or solution. Included are relevant examples of how other similar companies have either cost-justified their purchase or realized the monetized benefits from your service or solution.

Every prospect wants to see a demonstration of your solution – whether they want to be educated, understand the solution, or evaluate the solution. These introductory demonstrations can tie up your most valuable resources or Subject Matter Experts.

Rather than tie up valuable resources to educate and provide introductory demonstrations of your solution we help you script and create a 2-3 minute recorded value-centric demonstration to highlight the value provided, the look and feel, and the navigation of your solution. This approach frees up valuable resources that should be devoted to sales qualified opportunities that require a deeper demonstration.

Why Conversion Offers Matter:

  • You require the tools and offers that will educate your buyer so they are qualified to buy your solutions and services

  • Your buyer wants the education, knowledge and best practices before they engage a Sales Executive from your company

  • You significantly improve your opportunity to close the sale if you provide the knowledge and offers to help your prospect buy

  • Conversion Offers will help you accelerate the sales process by providing your buyer with the knowledge and tools

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On Demand Advisors offers a revenue growth engine that scales. Our demand generation services are a proven capital-efficient approach that eliminates the guesswork. This visual roadmap for revenue growth has proven successful across 300 B2B organizations and counting. To learn how we can help you, please fill in your contact information, and we will follow up with you shortly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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On Demand Advisors offers a consistent revenue growth engine that scales. Our demand generation services are a proven capital-efficient approach that eliminates the guesswork. This visual roadmap for revenue-growth has proven successful across 300 B2B organizations and counting. To learn how we can help you, please fill in your contact information, and we will follow up with you shortly. We look forward to hearing from you!
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