Our Story

In 2004, Robert Jurkowski and Craig Remy were leaders at Intacct, a provider of cloud financial software headquartered in Silicon Valley. Despite all the success in Silicon Valley at the time, every leader of a B2B company we spoke to was missing one thing: a proven, capital-efficient approach to grow and scale their revenue. This inspired us to create the Revenue Acceleration Map—a methodology we hoped would take the guesswork out of revenue growth. This turned out to be the catalyst for our next endeavor.

Since so many startups and SMBs needed a way to predictably scale their revenue, we decided to bring the Revenue Acceleration Map to this market. In 2008, we founded On Demand Advisors.

We quickly learned that it wasn’t just small and medium-sized companies that needed our help. In the past decade we have acted as a partner to many large companies to provide our best practices on revenue growth. And every year, our knowledge base grows and our methodology gets even stronger.


Robert Jurkowski, Managing Partner

Robert Jurkowski is a Founding Partner of On Demand Advisors. Prior to starting On Demand Advisors, Robert has built and scaled 10 software, cloud and technology companies as an operating “hands on” leader at every stage of revenue growth from “start up” to public companies. He has built an extensive network of business leaders and is passionate about serving Chief Executives and business leaders to assist with their success, personally and professionally. Robert brings a wealth of experience to his role:

  • CEO at both public and private companies
  • Accomplished speaker at industry forums and events
  • Co-founder of the IBM Software as Service Partner Council
  • Board member on SIIA Software Division board
  • CEO and Chairman at Determine, Inc. — a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ
  • CEO at Intacct Corporation, a pioneer Cloud and services provider
  • COO at Apriso Corporation
  • COO at Silicon Energy Corporation
  • Other leadership positions at Dun & Bradstreet Software, ADP, and Oracle Corporation
  • Bachelor Degree in Economics from the University of Chicago

To review Robert’s more detailed profile, please follow this link to LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/robert-jurkowski/0/235/640/

Craig Remy, Managing Partner

Craig Remy is a Founding Partner of On Demand Advisors. Prior to starting On Demand Advisors, Craig served as the CMO of both private and public software firms. He has direct experience with both Cloud and On-Premise software while solving marketing challenges for companies ranging from Microsoft to small Silicon Valley start-ups. His deep analytical approach to marketing is buttressed by his strong strategic branding experience. As a Managing Partner at On Demand Advisors he has advised hundreds of software CEO and CMOs on the rigors and best practices of marketing.

  • CMO, Determine, Inc. — a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ
  • CMO, Connected Minds, Inc.
  • CMO, Intaact Corp.
  • Marketing Director, Quartz Inc.
  • Art Director, Sony Corp.
  • Leadership and design positions at Nike, Disney, and Levi Strauss
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree from San Jose State University

To review Craig’s more detailed profile, please follow this link to LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/craig-remy/1/377/615

Team Associates

When we built On Demand Advisors with our customers in mind we realized that every customer would have different needs and gaps to address to achieve their revenue growth objectives. We also realized that a plan without execution connected to achievement was worthless. We created and staffed four practice areas at On Demand Advisors: marketing, sales, business development and strategy.  This team of over 100 professionals deliver the day-to-day programs and results that are required by our clients. Our goal is to augment and staff any area where you have gaps, mentor your team members with best practices for revenue growth, and collaborate with and provide mentorship to everyone at your company.


Customer Upsell Program
One of our clients serves over 6,000 universities, colleges, and schools and over the past 15 years they have created over 15 solutions for these customers. The challenge is their typical customer has only subscribed to three of these solutions. We created the customer upsell and cross-sell program so that they could effectively sell all their solutions to every customer. We help many clients effectively launch new solutions and services that drive accretive revenue growth.

Result-Driven Channel Partner Program
We have formalized our results-driven partner program that we have been implementing for our clients over the past 8 years. For many companies that have a partner program 80% of their partners deliver little or no revenue. We have innovated this program to prioritize and drive revenue with every partner. At Intacct we developed and delivered 300 sell-through partnerships that accounted for 50% of the company’s revenue.

Closed Loop Revenue Performance Attainment
Our team created and launched intelligentRevenue so that companies can understand how marketing spend is translating into sales outcomes. While a CRM system can optimize your sales efforts, and a Marketing Automation system can optimize your marketing efforts, IntelligentRevenue ties it all together and helps you achieve your revenue goals and aligns every person and process to this goal.

Content Marketing Program to Convert Leads
We call this “Marketing with a purpose.” Because 90% of leads that are generated are not sales qualified, we created a new content marketing program to help convert interest into Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and MQLs into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs). This unique approach turns intent and interest into actual sales.

Demand Generation Engine Program
We systematized how any B2B company can create and sustain a demand generation engine so that your company can generate 90% of the sales qualified leads that are required by your direct sales team or sales distribution channel. Typically most B2B companies are only generating 10–15% of the required sales leads to achieve their revenue goals.

Buyer-Driven Website Program
Most websites are billboards that do not engage your buyer. So we created a program to help companies engage with their buyers and create a frictionless buying process. We conduct rigorous market surveys to validate assumptions and create buyer-validated messaging. We map the buying process on to our clients’ websites; this decreases the cost of sales, shortens the sales cycle, and enforces consistent messaging.

Marketing Automation Best Practices
We launched our Best Practices Program for Pardot, Marketo and Hubspot Marketing Automation System implementations. From our experience, many companies “turn on” their marketing automation system but do not fully leverage the marketing solution or implement industry best practices. We created this practice to help our client fully leverage both their Marketing Automation and CRM solutions.

Buyer Validation Program
Most B2B companies have created quite a bit of “seller-based content” focused on their products, solutions and services. What is missing is “buyer-validated content” that engages your buyer into the buying process. We have created a rigorous methodology to survey and engage your buyer in 10 major areas that will dramatically change the way any company messages on their website, messages through their demand generation programs, conducts sales conversations or delivers thought leadership presentations.

Marketing Leadership and Best Practices
There are many B2B companies that do not have a CMO or VP of Marketing.  When this is missing on a permanent or interim basis we can step in become the source of leadership and marketing best practices a company needs. We also mentor any marketing team members and share our marketing best practices so that they can be internalized within the company.

Revenue Acceleration Map
We introduced this comprehensive visual map so that every B2B company can assess what they need to create to achieve their revenue growth goals.  We also created and perfected this mathematical model to create mix and volume of leads required by stage for your company so that you always have enough sales qualified leads to achieve your revenue goals.

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