Revenue Expansion is one of the many ways you can scale your revenue growth. In addition to creating your Direct Sales Revenue Growth Engine, these Revenue Expansion Services will help you create new revenue streams. They help you achieve this by working with the right channel partners that drive revenue growth; by implementing your upsell and cross-sell program with current customers to increase your “wallet share.” These services provide intelligence by interrogating new markets to validate the right positioning and messaging before committing your marketing and sales investments.

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Channel Partner Program

There are many potential partners that you can work with to reach, engage, and drive revenue expansion with your target audiences. If you are like most companies, you have a channel partner program and are not getting the results that you anticipated. Many channel partner programs that we review are referral partners or opportunistic sell through partners. It’s challenging to drive revenue through these channel partners when they only involve you when one of their customers requests your type of service or solution. There is a better way, and we call it a Proactive Channel Partner Program that drives revenue growth. We help our clients implement this successful program:

Create Your Channel Partner Scorecard
We know what criteria will yield a successful partnership with you that drives revenue growth. We work with you to create a Channel Partner Scorecard that will score every current and potential channel partner based on your Ideal Channel Partner Profile.

Map Your Channel Partner Ecosystem
Next, we map every potential channel partner that sells related solutions or services to your target audience. The list may include several hundred potential partners and scores each one. Your top tier partners should be the focus on your recruitment and onboarding efforts.

Improve Your Channel Partner Program
Finally, we help you review your existing channel partner program and provide specific recommendations to how it can be significantly improved. We will review your current contracts and revenue share plans, your recruiting and onboarding plans, and your strategic goal setting and quarterly review plans that you have or could have with the right channel partners.

Why a Channel Partner Program Matters for Revenue Expansion:

  • We implement Channel Partner Scorecards so you can identify and select the partners who are the best fit for you, which drives revenue growth

  • We map your channel and score every channel partner – current and potential – to ensure you only work with the right partners

  • We identify areas of improvement such as moving from an opportunistic to a synergistic partnership because it is the foundation to finding new and untapped business for them and you 

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Enter New Markets

Is there a smart way to evaluate and enter into a new market so that you prevent costly mistakes and validate adoption before you make significant marketing and sales investments?

We believe so! As you look to penetrate a new market, On Demand Advisors investigates your potential buyers and their motivations. This rigorous buyer intelligence process eliminates the guesswork and experimentation that can cost you money and time. We engage a statistically relevant sample of your audience that is representative of the total population.

Our Buyer Intelligence Survey will give you tremendous insight into your buyer and how to engage and win with your buyer in this new market. What is important to your buyer today may have changed over the past 2-3 years. Buyer intelligence keeps you on top of what your buyer needs and wants from you, which is more focused and impactful for you and your company than broad industry surveys that do not gauge the need and driver for your solutions and services.

Why Buyer Intelligence Matters:

  • We pinpoint the business challenges from your buyer’s perspective because that Business Intelligence is the key to engaging your solution

  • We will show you how Buyer Intelligence helps you prioritize your value propositions from your buyer’s perspective

  • We help you determine which messaging, content and offers or most important to your buyer

  • Based on Buyer Intelligence, we help you discover what is true and accurate from your buyer’s point of view so you can migrate from seller-based messaging to buyer-based messaging

  • We teach the importance of investing in Buyer Intelligence to truly understand and engage your buyers

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Up Sell/Cross Sell Program

Today, many companies are looking to mine and grow their biggest asset – their customers, which qualifies as revenue expansion. At On Demand Advisors, we work with many companies to help them creatively expand their “wallet share” with their current customers. This is an outstanding strategy for revenue expansion and greater profitability per customer. With this program, we help you explore and implement many proven ways for you to provide greater value to your customers, gain wallet share, and drive your revenue per customer metrics.

Here are specific revenue expansion strategies to increase the value of every customer:

  • We work with you to refresh your messaging and reposition your company with current customers. They may have known who you were ten years earlier but not who you are today and what additional value and benefits you can deliver.

  • We help you achieve significant adoption with new solutions and services. You need a continuous engagement and marketing program for your customers as you introduce new solutions and services. Here we spotlight customers who are benefiting from these new services.

  • We help you create more champions and engage more decision-makers by expanding the usage and perceived value of your solutions

  • We show you how to think differently about bundling and presenting your solutions and services, so buyers see the value of your solutions

  • We work with you to redefine customer success from a strategic perspective

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On Demand Advisors offers a revenue growth engine that scales. Our demand generation services are a proven capital-efficient approach that eliminates the guesswork. This visual roadmap for revenue growth has proven successful across 300 B2B organizations and counting. To learn how we can help you, please fill in your contact information, and we will follow up with you shortly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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On Demand Advisors offers a consistent revenue growth engine that scales. Our demand generation services are a proven capital-efficient approach that eliminates the guesswork. This visual roadmap for revenue-growth has proven successful across 300 B2B organizations and counting. To learn how we can help you, please fill in your contact information, and we will follow up with you shortly. We look forward to hearing from you!
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