Marketing Best Practices help you position your brand and company for success, implement your Demand Generation Engine to create significant demand for your solutions and services and engage your target buyers. In Marketing, you create the quality and quantity of Market Qualified Leads (MQLs) that you will require to achieve your sales and revenue goals. In the next area you have the opportunity to convert these MQLs into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).

Marketing best practices

Marketing Automation Best Practices

Many companies turn on a marketing automation system but only receive a fraction of the potential value for their company. Many companies also map old business processes that do not work to a new marketing automation system without identifying how to improve their marketing best practices.

Since 2008 On Demand Advisors has implemented the leading Marketing Automation solutions such as Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot, SharpSpring, and many more. What we realize is that there is a difference between an implementation to go live and an implementation to leverage a set of best practices for your business to drive ROI. We have developed and refined a comprehensive set of marketing automation best practices that ensure that you fully leverage and benefit from this investment.

We guide you through the transition from the old to the new with a unique best practices approach. It is your opportunity to become a marketing-driven company, to drive sales with marketing, and to engage with your target markets early and win buyers.

The success of your lead generation funnel depends on having the right Marketing Automation solution coupled with best practices. Even the best tools fail if poorly implemented. We have distilled the best practices of Marketing Automation into a proven, predictable, and capital-efficient methodology. Through marketing best practices implementation, we will help you optimize your outcomes.

Why Marketing Automation Matters:

  • We help you maximize your reach with a comprehensive target database and prioritize which potential buyers are most important to your company

  • We help you segment your audience to create highly targeted messages

  • We help you score and route your leads for rapid follow-up and superior conversion

  • We help you nurture prospects that are not ready to retain them for conversion later

  • We help you create the visibility and reporting that connects marketing spend to sales outcomes so that you have deep insights into your ROI

  • We ensure that you generate better educated and qualified sales leads

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Prospect Engagement Roadmap

Our Prospect Engagement Roadmap is a visual representation of how you can engage your buyer throughout the sales cycle with innovative and provocative offers that your buyer desires. Given our serial experience working with hundreds of B2B clients, we have developed these offers for our clients and know that they will not only lead to engagement but will set your company apart.

These engagement offers get the buyer in your target audience excited, educated, and engaged with you. They overly express interest in your company and your solutions creating a Market Qualified Lead. The big difference with these leads is they are well educated about you and your value propositions and are already predisposed for further interaction with your company. Your buyer may not know that there is a better way until they read your Thought Leadership eBook. Your buyer may not understand how you improve their business and business process until they see it visually with your Business Process Infographic.

At this time your buyer is ready to start on the buyer’s journey. Now you can give them the information they need to better understand your solution to their business challenges. If they don’t know what criteria should be important or what criteria they should use for their evaluation we can help you create your Buyer’s Guide. If they want to see your solution, we help you create your level 1 recorded 2-minute demonstration so you do not have to apply valuable subject matter experts to present the first educational demonstration. According to the Corporate Executive Board, 57% of the sales cycle is already completed before the buyer engages with a salesperson; we create your Sales-Driven website to guide your buyer through the entire buying process; this helps accelerate your sales cycles and reduce your cost of sale.

Your buyer continues their discovery of your solution and how they can benefit from it. As the seller, you want to qualify the buyer to determine if they are sales-ready. The challenge with 90% of your leads is that they are not sales-ready. Here we provide the offers that will help your buyer become sales-ready. An excellent example is an Assessment of Diagnostic Review so you and your buyer can understand how they will use and benefit from your solution at their company. If they do not understand how they will cost-justify their investment with you they will benefit from your ROI Study or ROI Blueprint so that the value that will be created with your solution can be measured and your compelling ROI calculated.

As you and your buyer conduct the evaluation of your solution for their company, we provide all of the sales tools your team will need to execute this process flawlessly. By anticipating what your buyer needs during their evaluation you facilitate their conversion from prospect to customer. Your industry or customer case studies eliminate the risk associated with implementing your solution. Your competitive battle cards clearly show why your solution is superior to other options. Your Implementation Success Blueprint helps your buyer move from evaluation to envisioning the success they will receive when you help them implement their solution.

Why Prospect Engagement Roadmaps Are Marketing Best Practices:

  • We create a visual representation of how you can engage your buyer

  • We implement a methodical, proven steps to move the buyer psychologically

  • We speak to your audience with the right message

  • We help you accelerate your sales cycles and reduce your cost of sale

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marketing best practices for prospect engagement roadmaps
marketing best practices in lead management, accelerate demand, proven capital efficient B2B revenue growth engine that scales, proven B2B visual roadmap for revenue growth that you understand

Demand Generation Engine

Most B2B companies are only generating 10-15% of the demand that they require to achieve their revenue goals. It is the number-one issue that most Chief Executives and Chief Sales Officers face as their obstacle to revenue growth.

Without a well-tuned Demand Generation Engine, you cannot scale your sales opportunities and revenue growth to exceed your goals. This proven ODA initiative deploys the right marketing messaging, offers, and channels to reach your audience in the most cost-efficient manner. You spend less and get more leads while your cost per lead decreases, and you sell more.

When we help you create, deploy, and optimize your Demand Generation Engine, we help you generate the consistent volume of market qualified leads who express overt interest in your solutions and services. These leads are educated, engaged, and understand how you can help them achieve their success.

Our proven approach includes Buyer Intelligence so that we can build your Prospect Engagement Roadmap so that you have the right messaging, content, and offers that will engage decision-makers in your target audiences. All of these campaigns and programs are executed through your Marketing Automation System coupled with industry best practices. Next, we help you determine which lead channels are appropriate for your target audiences and maximize engagement with your buyer.

These Lead Channels or Programs include:

On Demand Advisors will help create and conduct your rigorous buyer intelligence surveys with decision-makers in your target audience to understand what is important to them, what messaging resonates with them, and what offers they prioritize from you. We then create the content and prospect engagement roadmap for the next 12 months and create the engagement and offers that your buyer wants from you.

We will implement your marketing automation and CRM solution to support this program and become your “one source” to capture the behavior of every prospect and help you prioritize which prospects to engage and follow up based on their interest. We will help you create, design, and execute these email campaigns every month.

We will follow the same process to understand your target audience rigorously. Based on our findings, we create your prospect engagement roadmap and schedule compelling offers to publish over the next 12 months. The most suitable content might be a thought leadership eBook, webinar, process infographic, customer success story, or some other rich-content communication vehicle.

Once we create each one, we will syndicate it to your target audience. Best practice has proven to be an intentional opt-in strategy that entices them to request your offers and express interest.

There are thought leaders in every industry. They are the recognized experts and influencers with significant followings. We help you identify potential influencers and connect with them to see if we can create mutual synergy between you and that influencer.

On Demand Advisors will collaborate with you to design and syndicate compelling content. These might consist of thought leadership eBooks or webinars that promote your brand and products. It is an excellent opportunity to expand your reach to your target audiences and the fans of your influencers.

The Paid Advertising and SEO Program focuses on Google and LinkedIn paid per click (PPC) campaigns. We optimize campaigns based on spend, the number of click-throughs, or both.

We will help you promote these offers through the appropriate social channels for your target audience, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. We help you create professional videos such as explainer or customer success recorded demos to promote on your website, share with your target audience, and post to YouTube.

The Event Maximization Program focuses on driving engagement at conferences and trade shows. We will help create the booth and offer designs for the event. If we can get an attendee list, we can identify the companies and individuals that you want to meet with at the event, build out the contact list, and set up meetings. We can also work with you to create a speaker outline and work with the target conference organizer for speaker placement (typically one year in advance).

A LinkedIn Connection Program is a direct outreach plan that syndicates valuable content offers, with which to target your audience and titles. Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, we identify the right individuals that you want to attract. We extract each list and build out the contact records and craft coordinated email campaigns to promote the content. When a prospect responds, we call them to set up a one-to-one meeting.

The Active Referral Program focuses on obtaining two referrals from every customer. First, we establish an honorarium for each referral, which can be paid attendance at a conference or association event, customer service offering, or comped training. Next, we actively call every customer to solicit two referrals and ask for an email introduction.

We work with you to create your 52-week marketing calendar based on how we have helped you set up your Demand Generation Engine. We ensure that your campaigns are executed flawlessly and that you receive the monthly and quarterly scorecards to evaluate the effectiveness and ROI for marketing programs and campaigns. You now have true visibility for how you are creating demand for your company and how every investment is paying off.

How a Demand Generation Engine Supports Marketing Best Practices:

  • We help to increase demand to achieve your revenue goals

  • We help you generate the consistent volume of market qualified leads

  • We deploy the right marketing messaging, offers, and channels to reach your audience

  • We help you become a data-driven company

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On Demand Advisors offers a revenue growth engine that scales. Our demand generation services are a proven capital-efficient approach that eliminates the guesswork. This visual roadmap for revenue growth has proven successful across 300 B2B organizations and counting. To learn how we can help you, please fill in your contact information, and we will follow up with you shortly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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On Demand Advisors offers a consistent revenue growth engine that scales. Our demand generation services are a proven capital-efficient approach that eliminates the guesswork. This visual roadmap for revenue-growth has proven successful across 300 B2B organizations and counting. To learn how we can help you, please fill in your contact information, and we will follow up with you shortly. We look forward to hearing from you!
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