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October 20th

6 Decisive Steps to Accelerate Sales and Revenue into this Year

1:00 pm
  • Reduce Your Sales Cycle
  • Improve your Marketing to Sales Conversions
  • Accelerate Closing Existing Opportunities
  • Gain Immediate Sales Productivity
  • Deploy a “Land and Expand Strategy”

  • October 20, 2020
    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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As we approach the end of 2020 you want to accelerate the closing of all potential business you have before the end of this year.
In this webinar, we will present 6 decisive steps that you can take today to accelerate the closing of business you already have in your funnel or pipeline.
1. Create the Quantity of Leads to Drive your Sales Growth
Build Your Demand Generation Engine.  We will share with you how to create the quantity and quality sales leads so that you can scale your sales and revenue growth.
2. Reduce your Sales Cycle by 33%
Reduce Your Sales Cycle. We will demonstrate to you how you can reduce your sales cycle by 25-33%. Your target audience will be educated and the preference for you will be established prior to engaging one of your sales team or partners
3. Give Your Champion What They need to become a Qualified Prospect
Create Qualified Sales Opportunities. 90% of the leads generated by any B2B company are not sales ready. We will share with you can actively work with your champion and help them convert from an interested suspect to a sales-ready qualified prospect.
4. Streamline, Influence and Accelerate the Evaluation Process
Accelerate the Evaluation Process. By creating your Buyer’s Guide you will streamline and accelerate the evaluate process. Imagine gaining agreement with your buyer about the evaluation process before you engage with them!
5. Eliminate 90% of Your Contract Negotiations to Close
Accelerate Closing Existing Opportunities – most sales get caught up in the negotiations and contracting step. We will show you how to eliminate 90% of your contract negotiations to accelerate your close!
6. Change Your Sales Strategy to Accelerate the Decision
Deploy a “Land and Expand Strategy”. Sometimes it is easier to start with a smaller transaction or proof point before you can maximize the size of the entire transaction or engagement.
We’ll show you how these 6 steps accelerate the closing of business for you without sacrificing profitability. Register today!
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