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  • January 23, 2020
    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

To help you dramatically scale and grow your revenue in 2020, we introduce to you 5 Revenue Growth Innovations for 2020.  In this webinar we will present how You can Gain Your Buyer Intelligence to Increase the Quality of Every Sales Opportunity.
Your revenue creation process is a connected process that your company needs to master. It starts with your brand and demand creation. It continues when interested buyers are engaged correctly in their discovery process and are given the tools and rationale to engage with your company. It continues when your sales team has all of the necessary tools to convert buyers into customers. All of your marketing, lead qualification and sales resources are aligned with your buyer and their buying process. It can be predictable, consistent and capital efficient.
In this webinar we will show how you can gain tremendous intelligence about your buyer through a rigorous survey process which engages 50, 100 or more decision makers in your target audience. Using this process alone you can represent the needs and requirements of your entire audience.
Here are important questions you will get answers to
• Rate the importance of the business challenges that you address
• Rate the importance of the value propositions that your company provides
• What is the buying process that your buyer wants to follow to make a decision?
• What inflection points or changes will cause your buyer to act now?
• If your buyer was interested in your type of solution or service, where would they look and who would they engage?
This rigorous buyer intelligence process eliminates the guess work and experimentation that can cost you money and time. Register now to join us for this interactive webinar to present how you can leverage this revenue growth innovation in 2020 to achieve your sales goals and revenue growth objectives. Together with these other revenue growth innovations they will form the basis for your predictable revenue growth and success in 2020 and beyond.
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