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March 26th

How a Partner Scorecard Drives Revenue Growth in 2019

March 26th, March 26, 2019 1:00 pm

  • March 26, 2019
    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

All of us appreciate the tremendous value that partners bring to our company to drive revenue and expand our coverage into new or adjacent markets. In many cases our partners already have significant customer relationships and domain knowledge that they can leverage on our behalf. Economically, it makes a lot of sense to leverage a partner’s sales force rather than grow your own organically at great expense.

Partner Selection 

How do you identify the right partners that will drive revenue growth for your company?

If you have an existing channel partner program, how do you decide where to invest your time based on expected return?

If you are building your channel partner program, how to you select the right partners that will drive sales and revenue growth for your company?

These are important questions as you build and scale your channel partner program to drive revenue growth for your company. Getting the results that you want starts with selecting, recruiting and engaging the right channel partners.

The Challenge 

Unfortunately for most companies 20% of their channel partners create over 80% of their indirect sales revenue. Many channel partnerships are either opportunistic or never get launched beyond the written agreement.

Every partnership that does not provide ROI for your company takes your time and money. You also have opportunity cost when you invest in the wrong partners.

What you need is a better way to select the right channel partners at the beginning that have the best potential to help you drive revenue growth.

The Solution – The Partner Scorecard 

We want to introduce you to how a proactive channel partner program will help you identify, recruit and onboard the right partners that will drive significant revenue growth and market penetration.

Join us for this innovative and transformational webinar so you can create your Partner Scorecard and attract the right partners that drive revenue growth for your company!