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May 22nd


  • May 22, 2019
    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Our Executive Webinar for Chief Executives and Business Owners is focused on the knowledge and insights that you need to maximize ROI to achieve your demand generation, sales and revenue growth goals.

One CEO recently asked “I spend almost $1 million on demand generation and marketing campaigns. If you could show me how that investment translates into sales and revenue I would be most appreciative”

During this webinar we will discuss
1. How to Choose the Right Messages and Offers to Engage Your Target Audiences
2. How to Link Marketing Spend to Sales/Revenue Outcomes
3. How to Measure Conversions and Campaign ROI
4. How to Improve Your Conversions
5. How and When to Adjust and Improve Performance

This hands on, interactive webinar will help you implement and scale the revenue growth process across your company. It leverages our practical experience across hundreds of B2B companies.

Every webinar attendees will also receive a copy of our Revenue Acceleration Map that can be your visual road map to revenue acceleration and growth.